Shiatsu by Juana

Mobile Shiatsu Massage

Mobile Shiatsu Massage

in London and Malaga.

Shiatsu by Juana offer mobile shiatsu massage treatments at your home or office in London and Malaga.

Shiatsu is a Japanese healing massage that uses pressure on the meridians to flow energy and relax the muscles. Shiatsu works the whole body but focuses on the areas where your body needs more attention. Treatment includes stretches, gentle manipulation of the joints, and soft but deep pressure.

Shiatsu can help to relieve physical and mental stress including neck and shoulder pain; headaches; tension; depression; insomnia; jet-lag; digestive and circulatory problems; menstrual problems; pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

Full Body Shiatsu Massage

Full body shiatsu massage last from 60-90 minutes. Treatment takes place fully clothed on a mat on the floor. Finger and palm pressure is applied to the same meridians and pressure points used in acupuncture – but without the use of needles. For more information view treatments.

Facial Shiatsu Massage

Facial shiatsu massage last 30 minutes. Treatment improves blood flow, firms the skin, and removes toxins and dead cells – leaving you refreshed and looking your best. For more information contact Juana.

Other Therapies

Juana can also offer other mobile massage therapeutic treatments like reflexology, aromatherapy and deep tissue massage. For more information view treatments.

About Juana

Juana Flores Vegas has been working as a fully qualified shiatsu massage therapist since 2007. She studied shiatsu at the Japanese Shiatsu School in Malaga and Japanese Shiatsu School in Madrid in Spain, and also spent time training at the Namikoshi Shiatsu School in Japan.

Juana comes from Spain and lives in north London and in Malaga. She has spent the past five years sailing around the world – offering shiatsu massage to clients in private marinas.

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Juana Flores Vegas

Mobile Shiatsu Massage


  • Juana is amazing! I've had several massages with her, which have helped relieve chronic nerve pain in my back, shoulder and arm caused by a slipped disk. She is very professional and knowledgeable and a lovely person to work with. I highly recommend her!

    Hannah Scott Avatar Hannah Scott
    December 7, 2020
  • I can highly recommend a shiatsu massage with Juana. Something has definitely shifted in my energy after the massage. I feel more energised, more relaxed, and more attuned to my body.

    Kevin French Avatar Kevin French
    April 23, 2021
  • Great massage, Juana is very professional. My back is much better after two massages.

    Elena Veguillas Avatar Elena Veguillas
    September 15, 2020
  • I had shiatsu massage first time in my life yesterday. Joana did an awesome job! She also explained me the technical aspects. I felt very tired after the massage but today I feel very light, less stiff then usually. I do a lot of physical work therefore I have problems with my back. I would highly recommend this service. Thank you Joana!

    Jana Fuchsova Avatar Jana Fuchsova
    May 8, 2021
  • My first experience of a shiatsu massage and booked this as I’d been experiencing shoulder and neck ache for sometime. Juana explained shiatsu works on pressure points and applied pressure appropriate to my comfort, while also being effective. I felt totally at ease, and found the shiatsu technique worked well at releasing my aches. I have no hesitation in recommending Juana and will be booking her again.

    Caroline Fawcett Avatar Caroline Fawcett
    April 27, 2021